Character Introduction: Miff

Hello, viewers! You may be wondering, ‘What in the sam hell is the point of this website?’ Well, I can answer that in a jiff! The Great Chao’s Government, which isn’t much of a government at all, is a mango factory, built to create various types of mangoes in an attempt to find The Chao’s long lost brethren. It has many employees, who, in reality, have vary staggering occupations other than formal positions. Torturers, terrorists, theifs, murderers, they have hidden dark sides to them; especially Miff.


Miff looks innocent at first glance, however, Miff is the most extreme employee at the Gov. It disturbs the innocents homes, interrogates the housemates into sponsoring or buying from the Gov., or questions whether or not they have heard of the Gov. If the answer is ‘no’ to any question, Miff kills that person. You see, Miff is a sponsor to the Gov., and also The Chao’s (pronounced ‘chow’) best friend and sibling. It doesn’t really have a concrete backstory, as that’s for another time, on another day.


Miff used to bear a Japanese sailor uniform with a red tie and navy blue shorts. They wore black shoes, and had short, choppy light blonde hair. Now, Miff always wears a red plaid flannel with sleeves hanging a bit past their hands, black shorts with silver buttons, black shoes and dirty blonde hair with two points on each side. Surely the appearance of an innocent employee, right? That’s what they want you to think. Their secrets will forever be hidden, because they are the ones you will least expect.




watch out for Chao’s bio in the coming future.